HVAC and Fiberglass

Do you enjoy being cool in the summer? Warm in the winter? Having proper ventilation? If that’s the case then your HVAC system is very important to you. Sadly, if your HVAC system becomes contaminated with fiberglass it might need to be replaced. 

There has been a recent trend in mattress manufacturing towards using fiberglass as a flame retardant. Fiberglass is small pieces of glass, which when released into the air, can look like little bits of glitter on everything you own.

Many consumers have been injured by what we at Cueto Law believe to be design flaws in these mattresses. The most well-known brand is Zinus, which our clients have complained contaminated their homes with fiberglass when they unzipped to wash it. 

However, we have also received complaints about many different mattress brands.

How does Fiberglass get in the HVAC?

Once it is released into someone’s home, the fiberglass becomes airborne and gets on all surfaces. It can wind up in your vents, getting pulled into your system.

This is highly problematic, as once the fiberglass is in your ventilation system, it can continue to circulate fiberglass into the air you and your family breathe. 

What Can I Do about it?

After their HVAC becomes contaminated, many of our clients have had to pay to have their HVACs cleaned or even replaced.

The cost of replacing the system averages $7,000 nationally, which is a burdensome expense. 

As if that wasn’t enough our clients have also experienced other bills associated with fiberglass including

  • Medical bills
  • Professional Cleaning
  • Replacing Soft Items 
    • Clothing
    • Bedding
    • Towels
    • Upholstered furniture 
    • Carpets and Rugs
    • Soft toys
    • And More
  • Temporary Housing
  • Vet Bills
  • And More

Keep records of all your expenses, if fiberglass contaminated your home.

What about health concerns?

Fiberglass can cause many medical problems. If you have come in contact with fiberglass, contact your doctor right away. 

For humans, common consequences can include:

  • Rashes on skin
  • Eye irritation
  • Soreness of the nose and throat
  • Stomach irritation
  • Bronchitis and Asthma from long term exposure

For more information on fiberglass from Illinois state please click here

Make sure to also contact a professional to guarantee your HVAC system does not contain fiberglass, to reduce prolonged exposure.

At Cueto Law, we help clients, whose mattresses contaminated their homes. We want to help you too.

However, we also want to help you if a mattress from a different brand has injured you or your family. Please visit our website or call us at 618-277-1554 for a free consultation.

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