What to Expect When Working With the Employment or Personal Injury Attorneys of Cueto Law

For those families and individuals who’ve never had to retain a lawyer or file a claim, the judicial system can be terrifying. The time and costs involved, the stress of reliving the trauma of the incident, the strain it leaves on your family—they’re all reasons many victims decide not to hold those who caused their pain accountable.

The accident, medical malpractice and employment lawyers at Cueto Law dedicate ourselves to making the legal process as worry-free as possible for you and your family by standing right by your side at every step.

Most importantly, our attorneys take the financial burden of filing a claim off your shoulders—because you only pay if your case is settled or won.

If this is your first time facing a legal battle, or if you’re a previous plaintiff who has been burned by a different legal team in the past, here’s what you can expect at your initial consultation with a Cueto Law attorney:

  • Personal attention from our partners Unlike the experience you’ll have at larger personal injury law firms, when you first call Cueto Law regarding your case, you’ll be connected to one of our partners as opposed to an associate or legal assistant. And we’ll ensure that personal attention carries on throughout the life of your case. From the first meeting in our office (or in your home if you’re unable to travel due to your injuries) to the day you’re rightfully compensated, your personal injury attorney provides the ultimate in care and compassion for your family.
  • Honesty and integrity Many accident injury law firms that charge an hourly rate rather than a portion of the settlement will often take a case that doesn’t have merit or drag out a case longer than it has to be simply to financially gouge a family who has already been victimized. At Cueto Law, we’ll provide straightforward answers about your case. If our experience determines liability can’t be established, we’ll let you know and direct you toward other resources that may be of help. If your case will be an uphill battle, but is winnable, we’ll be honest about the difficult realities you’ll have to face and share our plan for helping you overcome them.
  • A team approach to your case – When you schedule your initial consultation with our attorneys, we’ll ask you to bring in any documentation you have regarding your claim. But as you know, the information you currently have in hand is just the tip of the iceberg. Once we take your case, we’ll take on all aspects of evidence collection and discovery so you can focus on your recovery. That means securing and compiling all medical reports, police reports and insurance information as well as contacting your healthcare providers to stop any collections while the case is in progress.

In most cases, Cueto Law attorneys are able to negotiate a fair settlement for our clients, covering everything from medical bills to lost wages to pain and suffering, to avoid the stress of a courtroom trial. But in the event a trial is required, our experts will guide you through the entire process so you’re always prepared for what’s to come.

If you feel you have a case and want to schedule your free, non-obligation consultation, contact a partner at Cueto Law in Belleville today.

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