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Because you spend a third of your life in the office or on the job site, your workdays should revolve around professional courtesy and respect. If a coworker or manager chooses hostility, intimidation or discrimination instead, they can completely derail your career, no matter how hard you work or how good you are at your job.

Harassment has no place in today’s workplace. That’s why the employment lawyers of Cueto Law in Belleville tirelessly defend workers in Missouri and Illinois who refuse to be threatened by their employers. When you’ve been told, “It’s just a joke” or “You’re overreacting” for so long, you deserve someone who understands the genuine hurt another’s words and actions can cause.

What Are Some Examples of Workplace Harassment?

The impact of hostile work environments has been devastating to American workers. According to the American Psychiatric Association, harassment at work is a top source of physical and mental health stress, increasing workers’ risk of high blood pressure, anxiety and depression, PTSD, and headaches, and leading to 18 million lost workdays a year. Harassment and unwelcome conduct can take several forms, including:

  • Discriminating against a worker based on their sex, gender, age, disability, race, or religion
  • Sexual harassment, such as inappropriate touching, offensive jokes or comments, or coercing subordinates into sexual acts
  • Hostile actions, including sabotaging or undermining a worker’s performance, spreading gossip or humiliating a coworker
  • Retaliation for filing a complaint against a coworker or manager.

The first step toward a resolution is to report the conduct to your human resources department. If management does not take reasonable steps to resolve the situation, fails to prevent it from happening again or allows the harassment to escalate, it’s time to go outside your company for help.

Why Do I Need an Employment Lawyer Who Specializes in Workplace Harassment?

Anyone can file a harassment complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), whether or not they retain a lawyer. However, an employment attorney can be your advocate during what can be a stressful, and at times even disheartening, process. Cueto Law can help you properly document and file your complaint, pursue remedies while the EEOC reviews your claim, represent you throughout the settlement process, and if your trial does go to civil court, litigate for you in the courtroom.

We understand the trauma workplace harassment inflicts on victims. Our goal is to help you pursue a number of legal remedies to get both your career and personal life back on track, including:

  • Reinstatement of your current role, promotion to the position you deserve or reassignment to a different department at the same or higher pay rate
  • Compensatory damages to cover, for example, costs involved with a new job search or medical expenses to assist with mental anguish caused by the harassment
  • Punitive damages for particularly harmful behavior
  • Back pay and lost wages from unlawful dismissal, including benefits, bonuses and PTO
  • Reasonable accommodations for employees who have been unlawfully terminated or demoted because of a disability

Don’t let another’s harassment or bullying stop you from doing the job you love. Contact the employment and harassment attorneys of Cueto Law at 618-277-1554. We’re licensed in both Illinois and Missouri, and you won’t pay us anything until your employer pays for their mistake.

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