Cueto Law Files First Class Action Case Against Zinus, Inc.

Protecting families and children from the hidden dangers of bed-in-the-box mattresses

When we think of our bed, we picture something soft and cozy. It’s our safe place where we can finally relax and wind down for the day. What we don’t think about when we curl up on our mattress is the potential danger we’re stirring up underneath all that cushioning—and what could happen if that chaos escaped into our homes.

To safeguard its consumers, Zinus, Inc. includes glass fibers as a fire retardant in the production of its bed-in-the-box mattresses. What it hasn’t done is properly defend families against or warn them about the shards of glass that can fly free when the outer mattress cover is removed for washing. And once those fibers hit the air, they can immediately embed themselves in furniture, carpeting and even skin, endangering a family’s health for years to come.

In spring 2020, the attorneys at Cueto Law filed a class action lawsuit against Zinus and its partner retailers to help consumers recover damages due to the health ramifications and clean-up costs of unsecured glass fibers in the company’s popular mattresses.

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Current Zinus Class Action Lawsuit Case Status:

Cueto Law filed a proposed class action lawsuit in federal court.

We are currently awaiting the approval of class certification.

Once we receive certification, we will invite anyone who is entitled to compensation to become a class member.

If you would like to be notified once the class certification is approved, please click here to fill out a consent form.

Check your mattress tag!

Does it contain fiberglass?

You may be entitled to compensation.

FAQ – Is this mattress safe?

Clients we have talked to have experienced a range of issues including hives, trouble breathing, itchy/irritated skin, and the devastating destruction of their homes and personal property.

Inside Edition Report:

Mysterious cuts on 6-month-old baby caused by fiberglass in her mattress

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Texas family suffers due to fiberglass revealed through ripped mattress cover.

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Arizona family forced to move out and dispose of all belongings due to fiberglass shards from mattress.

Learn how Zinus’s negligence harmed one Illinois family.

Lloyd Cueto Contributes as Expert in Phoenix News Story

An Arizona family spent tens of thousands of dollars repairing their home and replacing precious possessions due to a fiberglass nightmare. Cueto Law has received hundreds of phone calls from families who have been injured and/or financially impacted by the fiberglass in their mattress.

Glass in the Mattress—What Protects Us Can Also Hurt Us

Like many mattress companies, Zinus weaves glass fibers into the inner cover of its mattresses to enhance the product’s ability to stand up to fire. Those fibers remain intact as long as the structure of the mattress is stable, and the outer cover is left on. However, if the outer cover is ripped or if it is removed for washing, it can allow millions of glass shards to escape into the bedroom, and with help from the HVAC system, eventually into every room of the home.

Because of their microscopic size, glass fibers can coat furniture, surfaces and flooring, meaning there’s no way for a family to avoid touching or inhaling the painful particles. To safely return to their home, families must hire a professional cleaning service, which can cost tens of thousands of dollars.

Health issues associated with glass fiber exposure include:

  • Itchy skin
  • Painful skin irritation, including the surgical removal of glass shards
  • Eye injuries
  • Coughing, wheezing and upper respiratory infections
  • Aggravation of asthma and bronchitis
  • Stomach irritation
  • Chronic breathing problems and long-term adverse health effects

Until recently, Zinus did nothing to caution consumers about the risk of removing the outer cover. Not only is the cover designed with a zipper, which indicates the ability to remove it for cleaning, but its tag did not include a warning about the dangers of exposure to the inner cover or the injuries that could occur. According to the suit filed by Cueto Law, Zinus knew about the defect for more than eight months before it publicly responded to complaints from consumers through its website, informing them the cover wasn’t washable.


My mattress contains fiberglass, what should I do now?

If you have experienced issues, it is important to track your expenses.

  • Contact your homeowners insurance, your renters insurance and/or your property management company to report damage
  • Keep track of associated estimates and/or expenses for remediation
  • Save all medical bills
  • Save your purchase receipt
  • Store your mattress, if possible
  • If you receive a release from Zinus, save it but do not sign it

If you have not experienced issues, you could still be eligible for a refund.

  • Save your purchase receipt
  • Store your mattress, if possible
  • If you receive a release from Zinus, save it but do not sign it

Has your health been harmed by your mattress?

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How to Join the Zinus Class Action Suit

Since Cueto Law filed the Zinus lawsuit in Illinois, families from across the country who have been impacted by the company’s negligence have joined the fight for justice. If you’ve been exposed to glass shards from your Zinus mattress after removing the outer cover and are experiencing any health issues or faced with overwhelming clean-up costs, contact the attorneys at Cueto Law today.

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