Cueto Law Files First Class Action Case Against Zinus, Inc.

Protecting families and children from the hidden dangers of bed-in-the-box mattresses

When we think of our bed, we picture something soft and cozy. It’s our safe place where we can finally relax and wind down for the day. What we don’t think about when we curl up on our mattress is the potential danger we’re stirring up underneath all that cushioning—and what could happen if that chaos escaped into our homes.

To safeguard its consumers, Zinus, Inc. includes glass fibers as a fire retardant in the production of its bed-in-the-box mattresses. What it hasn’t done is properly defend families against or warn them about the shards of glass that can fly free when the outer mattress cover is removed for washing. And once those fibers hit the air, they can immediately embed themselves in furniture, carpeting and even skin, endangering a family’s health for years to come.

In spring 2020, the attorneys at Cueto Law filed a class action lawsuit against Zinus and its partner retailers to help consumers recover damages due to the health ramifications and clean-up costs of unsecured glass fibers in the company’s popular mattresses.

If you believe you or your family members have been victims of Zinus’s negligence, call Cueto Law for your free consultation at 618-227-9314.

Current Zinus Class Action Lawsuit Case Status:

Cueto Law filed a proposed class action lawsuit in federal court.

We are currently awaiting the approval of class certification.

Once we receive certification, we will invite anyone who is entitled to compensation to become a class member.

If you would like to be notified once the class certification is approved, please click here to fill out a consent form.

FAQ – Is this mattress safe?

Clients we have talked to have experienced a range of issues including hives, trouble breathing, itchy/irritated skin, and the devastating destruction of their homes and personal property.

Check your mattress tag!

Does it contain fiberglass?

You may be entitled to compensation.


My mattress contains fiberglass, what should I do now?

If you have experienced issues, it is important to track your expenses.

  • Contact your homeowners insurance, your renters insurance and/or your property management company to report damage
  • Keep track of associated estimates and/or expenses for remediation
  • Save all medical bills
  • Save your purchase receipt
  • Store your mattress, if possible
  • If you receive a release from Zinus, save it but do not sign it

If you have not experienced issues, you could still be eligible for a refund.

  • Save your purchase receipt
  • Store your mattress, if possible
  • If you receive a release from Zinus, save it but do not sign it