$72 Million Verdict Against Cerro Flow

We at Cueto Law believe in working hard for our clients, and we are pleased to say that this October our efforts paid off. Our own, Lloyd M. Cueto helped to get 12 plaintiffs a 72 million dollar verdict against Cerro Flow for emitting dangerous and toxic levels of pollution, causing cancer.

Cerro Flow runs a secondary copper smelting plant in Sauget, IL. The plaintiffs claimed that throughout its 50 years of operation the Cerro Flow plant released dioxins and furans through its furnace and practice of open-pit burning. 

Industrial burning creates dioxins and furans. Over long periods of time, they can cause cancer and more according to the Environmental Protection Agency. For more information click here.

What Happened in Court?

All twelve plaintiffs lived in East St. Louis. Through this long-term exposure, over the course of four decades, they developed cancers of the breast, kidney, bladder, and more. 

Over the course of three weeks, Cueto Law worked tirelessly with Greg Cade from the Environmental Law Group and Roe Frazer from The Frazer Law Firm.

Thanks to all our efforts and a very thoughtful jury, the verdict awarded $48 million in punitive damages and $24 million in compensatory funds to our clients. 

This $72 million dollar verdict against Cerro Flow is the largest in St. Clair County history. 

What’s Next?

Over one thousand cancer patients have filed additional lawsuits against Cerro Flow in the East St. Louis and Cahokia areas. 

Cueto Law is not currently accepting new clients against Cerro Flow. We would be thrilled to represent you in other legal matters. 

We are currently handling cases of fiberglass from mattresses contaminating people’s homes. Click here for more information. 

Call us at 618-277-1554.

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Published in the Alton Telegraph on October 25, 2021

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