Help! I own a Zinus Mattress

Do you own a Zinus mattress or another fiberglass mattress? Then you could have brought a hazard into your home masquerading as a soft place to rest! 

Zinus mattresses are made with fiberglass. Fiberglass is sometimes used by manufacturers as a fire retardant, but Zinus LLC has created a mattress that we at Cueto Law believe is defectively designed.

The design of the mattress has caused many consumers’ homes to be contaminated by the fiberglass from their mattresses. 

When consumers removed the zippable mattress cover to wash it, fiberglass was released into their homes.

What is the problem with Fiberglass?

Fiberglass can cause health problems and the destruction of property. 

Families who have suffered from fiberglass contamination have to throw out anything they own that can be soft and have even had to pay to have their homes professionally cleaned. 

They have to pay large sums of money to replace these items, including medical bills.

Common health concerns include

  • Rashes on skin
  • Eye irritation
  • Soreness of the nose and throat
  • Stomach irritation
  • Bronchitis and Asthma from long-term exposure

For more information on fiberglass from Illinois state please click here.

What if I own a Zinus Mattress?

If you own a Zinus mattress that has not contaminated your home with fiberglass, we do not recommend throwing it away.

Disposing of the mattress could be throwing away evidence and could cost you the chance of getting compensated.

You can still be part of the lawsuit against Zinus, which is why we do not recommend throwing the mattress away. 

Do not remove the zippable cover!

Instead, you should cease using the mattress and wrap it with tape and heavy plastic. Plainly mark your Zinus Mattress as a hazard so no one accidentally uses it.

Additionally keep any proof of purchase, such as invoices and receipts.

And if it starts leaking?

Check the wrapping you put on the mattress regularly to make sure children or pets have not disturbed it. 

Be aware that even if you do not unzip the cover your home can still become contaminated. In the event that does happen, you can download our free checklist on how to deal with fiberglass contamination.

Click here to download.

Regardless of if your Zinus mattress has contaminated your home or not, make sure to call Cueto Law at 618-277-1554 to join our fight to hold mattress companies accountable for the damage they’ve caused! 

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